• What’s In Your Garden

    What’s In Your Garden

    Today, take a few minutes to assess what is growing in the garden of your heart.  What are you cultivating there?  Are you planting seeds of goodness, love, and joy or are you planting seeds of resentment, bitterness, and unforgiveness? Read more

  • Refresh Magazine Article

    Refresh Magazine Article

    I have a new article that came out in Refresh Magazine this month. This article was one of the first ones I wrote and it definitely was the hardest to write. The title is “Reject” and deals with middle school mean girls. Check out the magazine, you wont be sorry there! My article is on… Read more

  • A Mother’s Love

    A Mother’s Love

    I see these attributes in my Mom. God blessed me with an incredible mom, a woman who has shown me the true example of a Proverbs 31 woman. Read more

  • Judgy McJudgerson

    Judgy McJudgerson

    Ever judged a book by its cover?  I have.  That is literally how I started picking books out for my husband for his reading app.  I would look at the list of free bestsellers and then I would judge the books by their cover.  He likes police crime thrillers, so if the cover art looked… Read more

  • Guest Blogger on The Round Farmhouse

    Guest Blogger on The Round Farmhouse

    Link to Story I am a guest on The Round Farmhouse today. Please go check out my story entitled Strength. Thank you to The Round Farmhouse for including me on your blog. 💛 Read more

  • Guest on The Grit & Grace Project

    Guest on The Grit & Grace Project

    Are you waiting for an answered prayer? It may seem silent, and your patience may be wearing thin. Read more